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We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a special occasion. Be it our mother’s or father’s birthday, our partner’s anniversary, or the birthday of a good friend, it always comes down to the standard gifts: boring vouchers for restaurants or cinema tickets, run-of-the-mill jewelry, or ordinary flowers.

We thought that there must be cooler gift ideas and what could be cooler than items that have already been in space? Well, that’s what we call a cool gift!

With having our background in the space industry, we know how and with whom to get things up to space and back again, and all that sustainable as we compensate all of our launches. But our ambition is not only to provide cool gifts and items from outer space for everyone, but also to do something good for the scientific community and the progress of new technologies. We see ourselves in the responsibility to unite commerce and science and to let both benefit from each other. And what better way to do so then bringing a little of space to each and every of our hands.

We provide a platform for communicating planned experiments in microgravity, or also called “weightlessness”. This helps you and us to better understand why we launch rockets and what the outcomes are. But as we all know, rocket launches are very expensive. To make these launches more affordable and to support the science community we fill free storage on rockets with your souvenir items and thus subsidize the experiments.

How it works

Science Part

Everything on earth is subject to gravity. It determines almost all physical, chemical and biological phenomena that occur on our planet. Microgravity is an environment in which gravity does not work or does not seem to work. Real microgravity can only be experienced in deep space. Since the way into deep space is too expensive, people have found a trick to create microgravity on earth: free fall.
Any object that is in free fall experiences microgravity, since no contact forces act on this object. So if you are in an elevator with a broken rope, you would experience microgravity inside the free-falling elevator.

To produce microgravity on Earth, we need to produce free falling conditions. One option is a suborbital spaceflight: In suborbital spaceflights a spacecraft is launched to the boundaries of space (beyond 100km altitude) and falls back to Earth.

Research in microgravity helps to understand the inner workings of biological and physical systems and therefore enables advancements in life and materials science. The unique properties of the microgravity environment even allow better manufacturing of certain materials, such as more efficient fiber cables.

For our business clients

Whether you want to send your own stickers to space or any other giveaway and receive them back, we are the right partner for you! We bring your items save into space and back again. Sell them on your website or separate yourself on any event with you unique “space items”.
Are you planning to create a big hype around your product? Do you want it to be high in the skies in space and take a picture with our beautiful earth in the background? We make it possible for you and help you realizing a unique marketing campaign!
Rings, necklaces, pendants, and all other pieces of jewelry can become special products and stand out from the competition once they have been in space. Spacevenirs helps you bringing your jewelery safely in space and back again. So that you can sleep peacefully, we also take care of an extensive insurance package.

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About Us

Our Mission

Spacevenirs is a joint venture between yuri and HOSTmi. Our mission is to make rocket launches more affordable for scientists conducting research in space. To achieve this, we fill free storage on rockets with souvenir items and sell them at a fair price as a present for friends or loved ones.

yuri Gravity

yuri enables research in microgravity for any industry. They develop fully automated mini-labs the size of a wallet and launch them for customers to the International Space Station (ISS), on orbital and suborbital spacecraft, on parabolic flights, and on drop towers. The team builds on more than 25 years combined engineering experience in the space industry and have successfully executed 9 missions to the ISS.


HOSTmi builds and operates the first space mobility platform on the market. When it comes to realizing a space mission, we provide an extensive overview of the market opportunities and support you in finding the needed technologies and knowhow. we accompany our customers through the entire process of a space mission and enable an end-to-end character. HOSTmi’s matchmaking algorithm is the core of the platform. It uses data intelligence to translate available capacity on carriers such as satellites and launchers according to several dozens of parameters and match them with payloads with a given set of requirements.

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