About Us

Our Mission

Spacevenirs is a joint venture between yuri and HOSTmi. Our mission is to make rocket launches more affordable for scientists conducting research in space. To achieve this, we fill free storage on rockets with souvenir items and sell them at a fair price as a present for friends or loved ones.

Yuri Gravity

yuri enables research in microgravity for any industry. They develop fully automated mini-labs the size of a wallet and launch them for customers to the International Space Station (ISS), on orbital and suborbital spacecraft, on parabolic flights, and on drop towers. The team builds on more than 25 years combined engineering experience in the space industry and have successfully executed 9 missions to the ISS.


HOSTmi builds and operates the first space mobility platform on the market. When it comes to realizing a space mission, we provide an extensive overview of the market opportunities and support you in finding the needed technologies and knowhow. we accompany our customers through the entire process of a space mission and enable an end-to-end character. HOSTmi’s matchmaking algorithm is the core of the platform. It uses data intelligence to translate available capacity on carriers such as satellites and launchers according to several dozens of parameters and match them with payloads with a given set of requirements.